Rachael Ashok

Rachael Ashok


185 acres gated community with all basic infrastructure, ready for construction with its mindblowing view of Ambience.

Also experience the:

Sparkle of green

Chirping of birds

Cloud kissing peaks

Dense forests

Rushing streams

Undulating green plains

Breathtaking views of valleys and waterfalls Nestled amidst the blue mountains of nilgiris and sweeping lush green surrounding.

With some of the most beautiful and breathtaking views pristine valley is a 25min drive from lovedale lawrence railways near charmraj tea estate.

185acrs of lush green surrounding with its rustic ambience,unique and one of its kind. Whether u r looking for a holiday home,retirement abode or a sound investment opportunity rest assured pv scores high on all points.

*value appreciation

*return of investment

A required break to rejuvenate ur mind,body and soul.

*create ur own lifestyle

*live ur dream home

*experience the wild

*experience adventure sports

Never miss this 'heaven' on earth

If interested kindly contact to the given number directly

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