Tim McCaffrey

Tim McCaffrey


I find myself cleaning out my house and I came  across a scope 2sm metal detector which my nephew bought some years ago, so while I was fishing, he could be metal detecting. It was used it no more that 6 times at most, after I had gone to the trouble of modifying the shaft so it could be dismantled to fit into a neat bag. Except for the bottom of the coil where it was contact with the ground, the machine is spotless and in perfect working order.  There is also a collection of around seventy metal detecting magazines which for my nephew collected as he intended yo tale up the hobby again. Instead he went to collage, an now has a good job abroad. The whole lot can be bought for 150 euro, but must be collected by buyer, since such a mountain of magazines is too heavy for post. The machine can be given any test/

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