Bruce McKeon

Bruce McKeon

Possibly. I had to create personal mod menu. Simply open the files from the "Modmenu" and all sorts of your themes will likely to be inside files. Initial file is "Modmenu.xml". Make a backup of that file (I suggest you back up the "Modmenu" folder into the "User/AppData/Roaming/roblox/Roblox/databse" folder) I tried getting the mod menu right here: But each time I try to run it, it states "Error in main. What do I do to down load this mod menu?

I happened to be in a position to get this mod menu working for me personally. To start with, go right to the website because of this mod. Then, click on Install Mod. Down load it to your desktop and unzip it. Once you unzip the mod, you'll see a folder. Open the mod folder. You'll see a folder called "content". Open this folder. You will see a folder called "mods". Start the "mods" folder. You will see a folder called "roblox-tool-mod-menu". You'll see a file called "roblox-tool-mod-menu.xml".

Your themes is likely to be inside file and certainly will now be viewed in the mod menu. If you would like more assistance with the "Modmenu.xml" file, simply please feel free to PM me. I could be much more detailed. But i'll need certainly to include progressively things into the templates to make it appear to be others Roblox games. Are you able to let me know especially what you would like to change? I recently wish to make my Roblox game seem like this has a layout.

I want the background to own a green box, and I want the menu icon to be the green Roblox Studio logo design at the top right part, and I want the buttons as well as other items to function as the exact same colors once the back ground. And I also want to alter theme regarding the game. I wish to allow it to be possible for you therefore I will do this for you personally. Okay, if you are new to this you need to have the App shop in your phone. That's the very first thing that you are gonna want to do.

You are likely to wish to install the App Store. It is critical to mention that the Roblox Game Manager mod menu may not be accessed from Roblox internet site on mobile phones. You are able to just access the Roblox Game Manager mod menu from the Roblox website on your desktop. Do not be a modder! If you prefer a mod menu on your phone then you are likely to need to sign in. Therefore let us get started and we'll see what you have to do getting a mod menu for your Roblox Android os.

Now, you will wish to select complete. Now, you are going to desire to click on the symbol that is correct next to you. Now, you are likely to wish to start the App Store. You are going to wish to click the icon that is correct next to you. Now, you will desire to go to the App Store. Now, you are going to want to scroll down and you're gonna desire to select My Apps.

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