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7 months ago
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0421 279 203

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Merrylands NSW
10 PACKET'S x 10 gram PACK'S for Only $20.00 add Standard Delivery, signed 1-6 business day's $10.00


*SUPER HOT SELLING Absorbent Water SAVER Gel Balls. 

For Home Indoor Plants - Wedding Decoration - Aroma - Biodegradable - Decorative - Planting - Fragrance.

Condition is Brand New.

Add to Transparent Vase and Container Decoration.

Supply Water For Cutting Flower And Hydroponic Plant\'s.

Candle Holder Decoration.

Indoor Decoration (Provide water for plant roots)

*10 PACKET\'S x 10 gram PACK\'S for Only $20.00

JUST ADD TO MESSAGE WHICH COLOURS, or we randomly pick your colours.

add shipping - $10.00 AUSTRALIA POST

*We Accept payment on mobile phone (SQUARE) instant digital receipt, tracking number provided.


Just add a couple of drops of essential oil ti water.

Overview Super Absorbent Polymer

Quick Details


Place of Origin: Middle East & Taiwan 


Model: Balls, Squares, Pearls (Metallic look), Transparent, Solid, Big Balls & GID\'S (Glow da dark)

Product name: Biodegradable Water Beads

Application: Planting, Fragrance, Toy Guns, Decorative

Colours, Orange, Purple, Blue, Yellow, White, Clear, Black, Lime Green, Aqua Green, Red, Pink, Gold

Size: 2.5-3.0/3.0-3.5 Big Balls 10-12


Absorbing time: 4-6hours

Quickly absorb the weight of hundreds or thousands of times in water, expansion of the hydrogel after absorbing water, then slowly release moisture for seed germination over 3 to 6 wks, depending on humidity?


1. Eco-Friendly

2. Reusable

3. Non Toxic

4. No-irritability

WATER SAVER/Crystal Soil is a new alternative material instead of mud and water for planting the indoor plants.

WATER SAVER//Crystal Soil acts as a reservoir to store and release a steady stream of water and nutrients which plants.

WATER SAVER/Crystal soil that contains tiny holes (cannot be seen by bare eyes) that hold air and and water droplets.

Fragrance Water Beads

★Crystal Scent Beads to provide indoor fragrance and air purification

★Crystal Scent Beads with different sizes, colors and shapes available. Welcome to choose with the favorite fragrance for your own and unique brand.

★Crystal Scent Beads adopted innovative and scientific formula, can release long lasting fragrance, remove the unpleasant smell from the indoor air to keep the air fresh constantly, which makes it a necessity at home, hotel, toilet, office, carriage and smoking area.

Smart Soil

★Provide plant roots water directly from the crystal beads.

★Grow plants without the hassles of keeping dirts.

★Ideal for indoor home/office desktop plants etc.

【Product Information】

.Crystal soil acts as a reservoir to store and release a steady stream of water and nutrients which plants.

.need to grow and flower cuttings need to remain fresh for longer.

.Crystal soil bead that contains tiny holes (cannot be seen by bare eyes) that hold air and and water droplets.


Crystal soil is dewatered for compact shipment and storage, simply add water to activate the little beads to turn them into crystal soil, Odour free and insect free --

Toy Water Gun

For teenagers and above. Please be careful to wear protective glasses when playing.We provide different hardness water beads. Water bullet is safe and soft for people to play.

Kid\'s Toy

Pull the beads into bathtub, swimming pool, bottle, washbasin or bowl and enjoy the beads time.Have many different ways for playing with the beads.It will have fun and educational for few hours for kids

★Super Absorbent Polymer is a synthetic acrylic polyacrylamide with a potassium salt base. 

It is a safe, non-toxic polymer used in all horticultural applications. 

When used according to the application rates, Super Absorbent Polymer can reduce irrigation frequency by 50%.

★Super Absorbent Polymer copolymers increase water holding capacity of potting media by 50% to 100% or more, depending on the type of media, the quality of water and the amount of applied fertiliser. The Super Absorbent Polymer releases 95% of its stored water to growing plants.

★ Super Absorbent Polymer Increased water supply enhances germination and reduces the relative water loss by evaporation and drainage. It is neutral in pH and is non-toxic. Super Absorbent Polymer reduces the amount of fertiliser lost through drainage, consequently reducing the amount of applied fertiliser by 25% to 50%.

★ Super Absorbent Polymer\'s innovative technology allows you to use it in two ways: pre-moistened (hydrated) or dry (granular). 

Pre-moistened, you may use your favourite water soluble fertiliser so your plants can immediately benefit form Super Absorbent Polymer\'s water and nutrient storing power; allowing for more uniform mixing and proper application. Turns ordinary soil or even sand into a quality potting soil.

WATER SAVERS/Crystal Soil is the ideal substitute for water in your flower arrangements. Use hydrated Crystal Soil instead of water to nourish and help extend the life of your flowers and plants and add that extra colour and beauty.

WATER SAVERS/Crystal Soil is a water absorbent polymer that is translucent, odourless, bio-degradable, 100% non-toxic, re-usable and environmentally friendly. It comes in 10 assorted colours. When soaked in water it inflates to more than 150 times its original size.

Our Company

Founded in 2007 in Australia, with more than 10 years of experience working with customers around the world, we have many customers Australia wide.

Once we make a commitment, we will go all out. We are your trusted partner on the road to creating a marketable pro WETBALLS Co. Ltd. specializes in the Ratail, Distribution, Processing, Production, Marketing and Export trading of Super Absorbent Polymers and Gardening Relative Products. 

Our main products are \"Crystal soil \" , \"Water Beads\", \"Fragrance Beads\", \"Instant Snow\", \"Absorbent Pads\", and \"Super Absorbent Polymer\" products. 

Thank you 


*10 PACKET\'S x 10 gram PACK\'S for Only $20.00

JUST ADD TO MESSAGE WHICH COLOURS, or we randomly pick your colours.

add shipping - $10.00 AUSTRALIA POST,

VISA and MC ACCEPTED (SQUARE), PayPal and COD Also Available !

(SQUARE) receipt on mobile Phone,

upfront / received,

AUSTRALIA POST Standard Delivery 1-6 business days, Registered signed,

tracking number provided.

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